What Should You Do After Replacing Your Windshield in the U.S?

What Should You Do After Replacing Your Windshield in the U.S?

After you are sure that the windshield replacement was done correctly in the United States, get your warranty paperwork in order. The technician needs to provide you with a receipt and warranty paperwork after the installation. Ask questions about the warranty and how much it will cost you if you need windshield repair before the warranty expires.

After replacing your windshield, go easy on your car – avoid banging the door or driving fast on a rough road. The installation is still fragile the first 24 hours after auto glass replacement and care should be taken for the windshield not to come off.

Avoid washing your car the first three days after window replacement. The windshield gasket needs time to heal and seal, and cleaning agents can interfere with the healing. After installing any window in your car in the U.S, including rear window replacement, the technician will use a tape that preserves the installation. Leave this tape on for at least 24 hours.

Avoid roads that might cause cracks in your car before the gasket heals and seals. If your car windshield broke due to falling debris, avoid roads where debris falls. Changing your route means avoiding neighborhoods with low hanging branches and construction sites.

Every day for at least a week after installation, you need to inspect the windshield to ensure that it is intact. If you see gaps or bubbles anywhere around the windshield, take the car back to the auto garage to have the issues fixed before the windshield breaks or comes off due to loose fixing.

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